みんなさん、こんいちわ。わたしわ ゆみです。どうぞよろしく。

Character Intro

I'd like to introduce you to my oddly cute characters. They will be listed here in order starting with the latest character that I've made. I hope that you will enjoy learning a little more about each one of them. Please check out our lookbook for an assortment of updated photographs plus additional information on each character.

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Monkeys: Shu, Linda, Emily, Risa, Erik, and Todd
Shu and Linda are very berry sweet monkeys. They love to eat a variety of delicious berries, but the kind of berries that they like are very different. Shu prefers to eat cherries and blue berries, but Linda loves munching on strawberries and raspberries. These two are inseparable and love spending time traveling around together to gather baskets full of delicious berries from all over the world.

Emily, Risa, Erik, and Todd are adorably cute and cuddly, mischievous little monkeys. These monkeys love to play games with each other. The twins (Emily and Risa) like to confuse the other monkeys by playing tricks on them, which sometimes makes the spotted monkey (Erik) a little grumpy. The little beige monkey (Todd) believes that the tricks of the twins are all in good fun, and enjoys seeing what they'll do next.

Toki is the cutest tiny hedgehog that I've ever laid eyes on. He's quite small and compact, which makes it super easy for him to travel around with his friends wherever they go. He often likes to rest beside ones laptop, and usually makes the top of ones desk or bed his home. When travelling, he likes to huddle up in his friend's pocket, where it's dark, quiet, and very comfortable for him to take a nap during a long car ride. He's been known to be quite a cute little helper as well, finding small objects that his friends thought they had lost.

Jacob is a colourful little owl who loves to grow mushrooms. He has his very own little mushroom garden. He cares for his mushrooms day and night, growing as much as he can so that he can sell them in his little shop. He loves to grow his own mushrooms very much, because each one is always a different colour. He often wonders how they got their various colours, and wants to share his great treasure with the rest of the world.

Max is one of Daisy's best friends. He's a little architect designing and building his own sand castles. He usually asks Daisy and Rocco to tag along to help him build the sand castles at the beach, because it's not something that one little bunny can handle on his own. Of course both Daisy and Rocco agree to help out, and they often challenge each other to see who can build the best sand castle. The winner usually gets a free glass of carrot juice!

Daisy is a bright and cheerful little bunny who brings laughter and smiles wherever she travels. Her most attractive features are her cute little smile and smiling eyes. She really loves going to the beach and building sand castles with her two best friends, Rocco and Max. They often challenge each other to see who can build the better sand castle (:

Rocco is a super happy, fun loving bunny, who just happens to be blue and white. He's very easy going, calm, and enjoys every moment of life. One thing that Rocco loves to do on sunny days is lay down on the hill top, while he stares up at the sky to look at all of the beautiful cloud shaped animals that he can spot. Sometimes we have a mini competition to see who can spot the most animal shaped clouds, but he usually wins (: He's super observant!

William is such a cute and loveable bear. He loves big hugs and cuddly snuggles. Whenever it's sunny outside, William loves to explore the outdoors in search of some delicious, sweet honey. When it rains, he enjoys reading stories to his little brother, about many exciting and new adventures.

Penguins on a Date
There's a curious cute couple of penguins that have been wandering about the garden. It seems that they are on a date! Oh what's this? Mister King Penguin is carrying a heart shaped object! I wonder if it is a present for the misses! How excited she must be to receive a lovely gift before valentines day :)

Gardening King Penguin
A cute King Penguin in his mushroom garden.

Valentine King Penguin (1)
This special little penguin decided for valentines day he would create a heart shape present to give to someone special. He looks super adorable holding the present securely under his wing :)

Valentine King Penguin (2)
For valentines day, this little penguin has decided to carve a heart shape out of wood. He plans to give it to somebody special :) He likes to display it on his little table, which used to hold his cactus plant.

Winter marching polar bear
My original marching polar bear, but created in a larger size, and sporting a very cute red winter hat with a white pom pom. The cold weather will definitely not prevent this polar bear from marching around and playing in the snow!~

A mister polar bear named Edward
This is mister polar bear. His name is Edward. He lives in a place full of snow, but where flowers still grow. He like's to go to fishing holes, and wait for the fish to visit him. He does not eat the fish, however, because they are his friends. He prefers to eat the flowers that sprout around him.

Kai the winter owl
During the first snow fall of the year, Kai is ready to go out on many winter adventures as long as he is wearing his trusty red winter hat. He often visits Jiyong (the winter mushroom bear) whenever it snows because they enjoy building snow forts together. Jiyong has become one of Kai's new best friends since Jiyong gave Kai the red winter hat as a christmas present to help keep Kai warm during the cold snowy months.

Jiyong the winter mushroom bear
Jiyong is really happy that it is almost christmas. He absolutely loves snowy weather! Jiyong really enjoys playing around in the snow, building snowbears with his friends. To keep his ears toasty warm he always wears his special red hat which has a cute little white pom-pom that sits at the top. The white pom-pom reminds him of snowflakes and so this is why it is his favourite hat.

Miko is a very down to earth kind of owl. He enjoys engaging in the usual (and unusual) daily owl behaviour, such as flying around, searching for food, analyzing his surroundings, protecting his tree, as well as visiting his neighbours to share stories about his adventures. Miko always does things a certain way in order to be more productive with his time. You could say that he is quite organized. He enjoys meeting new people, and sharing stories with his fellow owls.

Kandi is a very sweet owl. She enjoys the holiday season as that is when many sugary sweet treats are made as part of celebrating super fun times spent with her family. Her favourite time of year is christmas and valentines day, as that is when she gets the most presents and the most delicious, mouthwatering sweets! She especially loves it when her mom bakes her a cheese cake.

Meet Gwen. She's an evergreen owl. She loves to sit perched up in a tree where her colourful feathers blend in with the tree's abundant leaves. Siting atop a tall branch, she enjoys listening to the many stories of people passing by. Because she blends in so well, she often goes undetected by the many people who may sit under her tree. Her favourite drink is Roasted Green Tea.

Rosie the spring time bunny
Rosie was created as part of a custom organic order, for a wonderful person. I decided to name this bunny after her :)

Mini felt mushroom bears
These lil bears are super cute and super colourful. They will be sure to brighten up anyones day. The mini mushroom bears will love to travel around with you wherever you go, anticipating plenty of new and exciting adventures!

Mushroom Bear Family
Meet the mushroom bear family. Thomas is Jiji's older brother. They enjoy spending lots of time together. Thomas taught Jiji how to fold a paper crane, but he also knows how to fold origami strawberries, and even little boats ^^ He plans on buying an origami book so that he can learn how to make even more things! Jiji enjoys learning origami from Thomas. She always wonders how her big brother is able to make all sorts of things out of paper. Her favourite day of the week is Friday because that is Thomas & Jiji's origami day!

This was a custom carrot bunny made for my sister's friend's birthday. It is brown with rosy pink cheeks, as well as a white cotton tail. She also comes with a green scarf.

Aika is an Earthy Brown kitty cat with hints of red, yellow, and green flecks. She is a one of a kind, down to earth kitty, and stands 17" tall. She loves to do gymnastics, and wishes to join the circus one day because she loves to do different acrobatics while flying through the air. Her wish is to one day preform with Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vagas! Such an adorable, Japanese inspired amigurumi kitty, she is also super huggable, and loves to snuggle~

Carrotbun Bunny Brooch
Custom bunny brooch made for 2 wonderful customers, and based on my carrot bunny illustrations and amigurumi.

Mushroom Bear - 01
Jiyong Mushroom Bear
This particular mushroom bear loves (and I mean LOVES) to fold paper cranes. Ever since discovering out how to make them, he's been folding them nonstop! His goal is to fold 1000 colourful paper cranes, and have them flying all around him. So far, he has completed 17 paper cranes, and one turtle (because he thinks that turtles are cute). What a little cutie ^^ He is able to sit on his own without falling over (unless you tip him over, but he doesn't like that very much). He can even hold paper cranes in his hands :)

Mister Wooly
A larger version of my regular sized Mister Wooly bear, this was a custom order for one of my customers as a birthday present for her son :)

A pair of cute, curious baby pandas
Pan-pan is a rare, brown-bottom baby panda. She likes to spend time with her brother Kun-kun inside big bamboo forests. They both like to rest a lot, often staring up in the sky looking for stars and watching sunsets. Their favourite food are rice balls. They enjoy sitting on bamboo mats, surrounded by bamboo leaves (although they don't mind being around other plants as well). They love candy, cuddling, shaded areas, and listening to rain drops. They do not like being soaking wet, or being in really humid places for too long. Occasionally, they like to dance~

Kai, the sleepy baby owl
Kai is a rare, multi-colour baby owl. He is sometimes known as "the sleepy" owl, because he is thought to sleep for very long periods of time. However at night he is fully awake, and active. Kai often enjoys flying from tree to tree beneath the moonlight~ His best friends are Pan-pan and Kun-kun, the baby pandas whom he often shares his adventures with~