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In this section you will find my FOTM (favourite of the month) as well as my NFOE (new favourites on Etsy). I hope you'll like them as much as I do! If you have a chance, check out my previous NFOE and FOTM.

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June 3, 2010

FOTM: BeaniPet Bunny Pillows

MADE BY: BeaniPet
ITEM: Time is Golden Bunny Pillow
TYPE: Bunny Pillow
PRICE: $38.00 USD
OTHER TYPES: My Precious Bunny Pillow, Graceful Rose

My new FOTM (favourite of the month) for the month of June is a shop on Etsy known as BeaniPet. I love everything about this shop and how they've combined the cute characters within their pillow designs and other goodies. Everything about the shop is adorable! Each item is individually handmade, and each one is unique. I like how the shop owner gives all of her characters names, and how each one displays their own unique and adorable personalities. Everything is so detailed as well, down to the button nose, the embroidery, and other little trinkets. I'd love to have something from this shop one day. The bunny pillows are just so adorable! If you haven't checked out her shop yet, I highly recommend you do! If I could make cute bunny pillows, this is exactly how I would make them! ^^

For more information about this shop and its characters, you can check out the shop at You can also check out their official website at where you can gain access to their shop, blog, and find out how to contact them as well.

BeaniPet images from

April 15, 2010

NFOE: Miso Girls & Dancingintherains
So today I was wandering about the shops on Etsy and stumbled upon two very adorable shops that I've fallen in love with (: Both shop owners agreed to let me write a blog post about them so here I go with my NFOEs (new favourites on Etsy).

First up we have rlfreshwater's shop called "MISO GIRLS".

The first thing that caught my attention about Rhonda's shop was that she makes kokeshi dolls!. I absolutely adore kokeshi dolls, although I do not own any myself (but I would love to!). Ever since discovering the wonderful world of kokeshi dolls, I've wanted to collect some, or at least try to make some (one day i will try!). I really love the way that Rhonda makes these dolls. They're very cute, and wonderfully detailed. Nice and simple designs, with flattering colours, and a smart play on words! Some of the names of her dolls include: "Miso Shy (pictured above), Miso Sassy, Miso Sweet, and Miso Lucky." I think my favourite out of the bunch would be Miso Lucky and Miso Sassy (photos below).

All of her dolls are beautifully handcrafted. She even offers a blank kokeshi doll for anyone (like me) who is interested in trying to create their own. I will definitely have to revisit her shop in the future to not only pick up a blank kokeshi, but to purchase one of her pieces as well as I think they are super lovely, and she is such a talented artist. I can't wait to see what she makes next (:

Another wonderfully talented artist that caught my eye is dancingintherains. I don't know what it is, but I'm drawn towards illustrators. They always seem to fascinate me. Maybe it's because it's something that I wish I had pursued myself (but didn't), and so I secretly wish that I would be able to draw as well as these artists. Gwen's shop drew me in with the images of her plush kittys (I'm a big cat lover), but I was delightfully surprised to see some of her cellphone cases which featured hand-drawn illustrations of her own (of kittys of course!).

Just take one look at her adorable illustration of this extremely cute kitty staring up at the fishies. Doesn't it make you want to say "awwww how cute!". You can't deny how cute her illustrations are. Each cellphone case she makes has a unique illustration featured on the front, each displaying different kittys in various scenarios and poses. The one in the photo above is definitely one of my favourites! But I love all of her other ones just as much!

If you don't need another cellphone case, but love her drawings, she also offers mini kitty ornaments which feature more unique illustrations (all of which are hand drawn onto the fabric itself). I'm definitely tempted to grab one for myself!

I will definitely be back at this shop to grab something for myself (probably sooner than I think). And I'm happy that Gwen the shop owner, like's my owl named Gwen! hehehe.

All in all, if you haven't yet visited these two shops, then what are you waiting for? Please check them both out as both artists are super talented at what they do. All of their items bring a smile to my face when I see them, and I am sure they will capture your heart too (:

April 14, 2010

FOTM: The mushroombrella wrist-clutch by LOF cont'd (yoomii hearts LOF).

Today marks the arrival of my MBWC! It's here! It finally came :D I'm so super excited hehehe. My much anticipated Mushroombrella Wrist-Clutch of Forest Print's "littleoddforest" arrived today! I had been quite super impatient with our postal service because they had not made any updates about the current location of my bag, except that it was in my country. So I really had no idea when to expect its arrival (although I was going to be deeply sad if it had not come in by next week). Now all my worries have been washed away (well, pertaining to my order that is), since it finally arrived today! Horray! The day I celebrate my 4 year anniversary with the boyfriend is the same day that I received my lovely order :D So I was doubly happy than normal haha~

The clutch itself was way better than I thought it would be. Lynda was absolutely right that I would love this one! Thank you Lynda ♥. The quality is fantastic; colours are vibrant; it's a tad smaller than I expected, BUT I'm SO happy that it is because I was expecting it to be a lot bigger and was wishing for it to be a bit smaller (haha), SO for me it is the perfect size! The patterned fabric is very lovely and quite soft as well. I find that the hidden snap closure to be a lovely touch, and the inner pocket is quite useful too. I put in the little pack of tissues that she had given me as well (which fits in very nicely hahaha, and was something that I need since I'm working off a cold which is almost gone by the way ^^).

All in all, I'm extremely happy with this purchase, and I highly recommend that you visit her shop! Lynda still has a very similar clutch in stock (in the colour fawn), so if you're interested, do head on over here to check it out! If I ever get a chance to travel to Singapore, I'm definitely going to be visiting Lynda in her forest to say hello, and thank her for the wonderful forest inspired goodies that she makes, because each one of her pieces make me smile (: So like I promised her, I'm going to now spam the rest of this blog post, with some photos that I took of my mushroombrella wrist-clutch (which is in the colour mint). Enjoy!

April 6, 2010

FOTM: The mushroombrella wrist-clutch by LOF.

Made by: LittleOddForest
Item: Mushroombrella Wrist-Clutch
Type: Waterblossoms (fawn)
Price: SGD$70 (~$43.75 USD)
Other types: CherryB Bunnys (blush, burgundy), VintageB.Posies, Purple Dreams (blush)

The Mushroombrella Wrist-Clutch by LittleOddForest has become one of my newest favourites (as I'm sure Lynda knows!). I am absolutely in love with this clutch! Lynda is super talented and very creative. I just love how she combines very simple colours, accenting with unique fabric patterns, to give her functional pieces a very unique style.

My very first purchase from LOF was a custom passport sleeve, which I really enjoyed using while on my trip to Korea. It kept everything very neat and organized! She was also super accommodating, and took the time to go through different fabric patterns and suggestions with me until we came up with a great combination.

My newest obsession from her shop is the mushroombrella wrist-clutch. It's very unique compared to the other bags that I own, and the fact that its handmade, makes it feel a little more special too ^^. I have actually purchased one for myself from Lynda's online shop, and it should be arriving very soon (sometime within this week I hope)! The version I bought is extremely similar to the one photographed, but mine is in the colour "mint" which has already sold out (I had bought the last one!). I'm so excited to get mine, and I promised her that I'd picture spam my blog once I do.

I love all of Lynda's creations in her very wonderfully fun shop. Since most of her items are limited edition pieces, and each one is handmade, a lot of her stuff sells out fast! So if you see something you like, I suggest grabbing it while you can, because if you hesitate, you may not be able to get it (which almost happened to me hahaha). If you don't believe me, I was eyeing her Summer Bird Bangle-Clutch (Busy Buzzy Bees -- orange) when she had first listed it, and within what seemed like 1 or 2 days, it has already SOLD OUT!

So as her critter fairy guardian that wants to live in her shop (as discussed through our silly Twitter conversation), you can tell that I definitely love all of the forest inspired goodies that are in her shop, and I will definitely be back for some more goodies in the future (: If you haven't checked out her shop yet, I highly suggest that you do, as I'm sure you'll be able to find something that you'll absolutely love!

Mushroombrella wrist-clutch product photos from LittleOddForest