みんなさん、こんいちわ。わたしわ ゆみです。どうぞよろしく。

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We've been featured (:

Hey everyone! my characters have been featured in 2 different blogs as well as a treasury! Yay! Check it out below!

A big thank you to namolio for featuring Daisy in their Treasury. I really love this treasury alot! It's full of super cute knitting related goodies (: It's also very bright and very colourful~

Hapiness featured some of my cute characters in her blog! She included my panda (which she has also purchased), along with Rosie, my Tweet Tweet Panda Stationary, as well as Jiyong the winter mushroom bear! Thanks so much (:

PenguinAndFish also featured my characters on her blog today! I was so happy when I saw some of my characters' photos posted in her blog (: She decided to include pictures of Rocco, Daisy, Molly, Miko, and Rosie! She also makes super amazingly cute plush characters and patterns in her etsy shop!

Definitely take the time to stop by these lovely blogs and fellow Etsy sites. They're full of wonderful and talented people (:

I hope everyone's having a great day! The weather here in Toronto is bright and sunny, although still a little bit on the cooler side, but our weather has been SO nice this week, I'm totally loving it! Tomorrow I might meet up with a few friends to go on a mini photowalk and enjoy the sunny weather (: After dinner, I'll be working on more of your orders so stay tuned! You should be receiving them soon (:

I hope you'll all have a great rest of your week and a fantastic long weekend! Also, happy early Easter! (:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Coming soon.

Another super cute and colourful bunny! I haven't thought of a name yet, but as soon as I do, it'll be listed in my Etsy shop (:

So I've been able to come up with a name (:
Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to Daisy!

Daisy is a bright and cheerful little bunny who brings laughter and smiles wherever she travels. Her most attractive features are her cute little smile and smiling eyes. She really loves going to the beach and building sand castles with her two best friends, Rocco and Max. They often challenge each other to see who can build the better sand castle (:

You can view the listing over here (:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

New to the shop!

Hey everyone, I'd like you to meet Rocco. He's the latest edition to my shop and is available made to order (:

Rocco is a super happy, fun loving bunny, who just happens to be blue and white. He's very easy going, calm, and enjoys every moment of life. One thing that Rocco loves to do on sunny days is lay down on the hill top, while he stares up at the sky to look at all of the beautiful cloud shaped animals that he can spot. Sometimes we have a mini competition to see who can spot the most animal shaped clouds, but he usually wins (: He's super observant!

Also new to my blog is the chat box on the right side bar. Feel free to leave me a message or comment using the chat box (: If I'm online, I'll be able to reply to you right away as well ^^

I'll be making a long awaited postal run on monday for two of my customers who had ordered Mushroom bears a while back. Sorry for the delay on your mushroom bears~ They'll be united with you soon :) I've been having really bad allergies lately around my eyes. They've become so itchy during certain times throughout the day, which has been driving me crazy. Eye drops helped for a bit, but the irritation usually stops after I have slept. So again I apologize for the delay~ All other orders will go out as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

One last reminder is that my shop's discount code will expire on March 31 at midnight! So if you haven't taken advantage of my sale, please do so! It's very rare that I hold a sale in my shop, but since it was my very first Etsyversary, I thought why not? hehe. All you need to do is copy and paste the discount code 1YR031531E into the Message to Seller box upon checkout, and after your payment has been received, the discount will promptly be refunded back to you via PayPal.

For those of you who have been watching Molly the owl (live stream is down below in my previous post), I'm happy to announce that baby owl #4 hatched today ^_^ It was so very cool! So many people had waited to see the hatching last night, but it didn't happen until this afternoon and I got to see it ^____^ So that means that I was able to see owl #3, and #4 hatch. (:

Friday, March 26, 2010

We've been featured (:

Check it out!
Gwen, my lovely evergreen owl, has been featured in a new Treasury on Etsy. Thank you so much to VintageofNow for including my owl in your wonderful treasury.

Speaking of owls, I've been watching this owl named Molly along with her little owl babies ^_^ Yesterday I was able to witness the hatching of her third owl chick. It was just amazing and I invite all of you to watch as well if you have time. She's a beautiful owl! Here is a live feed where you can watch her and her adorable family:

^ Click the play button at the bottom of the video window (not your browser window). You might also have to click the refresh button there as well to get the most updated feed (it is a live feed, not a pre-recorded video).

I'm off to go rest a bit before I get started with working on finishing up some orders. I had waken up with a terrible stomach ache, which had begun since last night.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Slight delay.

Hey everyone, there will be a slight delay in shipping out orders as I wait for funds to transfer over to my account. I'll keep you all updated, of course. Rest assured I'm working hard on completing everyone's order. Thanks again so much for all your support! I'll put in 100% effort into making your new plushy friends, and have them out to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send me a message. I hope you're all doing well! and thank you all for being so incredibly patient. I really appreciate it. Again sorry for the delay. Everything will ship out as soon as possible.

All the best,

Monday, March 15, 2010

Etsyversary Sale Sale Sale ^^

Hi Everyone!
Don't forget, but today marks the 1 year anniversary mark that y0omii has been opened! Horray! To celebrate, take 12% off anything in my shop! This discount cannot be applied for custom or wholesale orders, but it applies to everything else in my shop :) Don't forget to use the discount code: 1YR031531E *

See below for more details:

* Discount is valid only if the discount code is present in the message to seller box upon checkout, so don't forget to copy and paste the code :)

** The discount is applied before the cost of shipping.

I hope that everyone will take advantage of this happy event! It's not very often that I offer a discount in my shop, hehehe :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wholesale and Fun Stamps.

Ever wonder what my toys look like while they're in the process of being made? I've been meaning to post up a photo for a while now, so here it is! That right there will be pandas, owls, bunnys, and monkeys! It's a little hard to imagine right now, since in that photograph they are not filled with stuffing, nor do they have their limbs, but they will soon have them. Those are being made as part of my wholesale order. My wholesale order also includes some mushroom bears, but they are not in that photograph.

Also, the other day my new stamps arrived! It's so exciting. I love these stamps :D I had ordered these stamps from NothingElegant's Etsy Shop. You can order your own set here. The set includes two stamps of your choice. I chose designs ns018 and ns029, but there are many other cute designs to choose from.

You get to customize the 3 lines of text, and the text for both stamps can be different. I decided to put my shop name and URL on one, and my name and shop and blog URL on the other. The set also came with 10 blank business cards in a variety of colours, as well as an ink pad (randomly chosen: I got black).

I was excited to start using these stamps and wanted to test them out. However when I tried to open the ink pad... the lid didn't want to come off. I had removed the plastic wrap that encased the ink pad, and when I attempted to take the lid off so that I can use the ink, I realized that I couldn't get the lid off. It seems as if it was glued on? I'm not really sure, but after multiple tries, I kind of gave up, and resorted to using one of my other ink pads (in pink).

Since I was using pink ink, I couldn't stamp it on the lilac coloured front of the blank business card, so I used the reverse white coloured side to test out the stamp.

All in all, I'm really happy with these stamps. They look really cute, and I'm so excited to use them again. I just wish that I can get the lid off of the black ink so that I can use it :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Etsyversary Details.

Please remember to use the discount code.
This discount cannot be applied before the 15th of March.

March has been and will be an exciting month.
My Etsy shop will be celebrating it's first year anniversary.
It's also my birthday on the 19th (my boyfriend celebrated his birthday on the 5th).

Thank you everyone for your love and support!

1 Year Etsyversary!

It's almost been a year since I've opened up my Etsy shop. I originally joined Etsy as a buyer, but made the decision to get my stuff out there and become a seller as well. My first year on Etsy has been quite exciting as sales are slowly starting to pick up. I've been enjoying every minute of it, so as a thank you, I'll be having an Etsyversary Sale starting on Monday, March 15, 2010, until the end of March. Everything in my shop will be on sale (not including custom orders). More details will come later, after I finish making a few more things.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me and my shop during this past year :) All your wonderful comments mean the world to me :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hello, Spike the Tortoise

So a while back, one of my customers had shown me a drawing of his which was an illustration of a tortoise named Spike. He had told me about how he likes turtles/tortoises. At the time, I was playing around with polymer modelling clay, and had offered to make him a 3D sculpture of his tortoise character out of modelling clay. It was a lot of fun, and challenging at the same time. I tried my best to make it look similar to his drawing as well as give it my own sort of characteristics :)

His polymer clay tortoise arrived at his house today and he sent me a few photos :D I'm so happy that he arrived safely ^^ I had wrapped him up in tissue paper and placed him inside an extra "Moo Card" box that I had laying around (their plastic version), and had wrapped it up in Kraft Paper like a present. I don't think I took any photos of it when it was wrapped but I wish that I had done so, because I liked how I had wrapped it up. Anyways check out some of the photos that he took of Spike ^___^

^I really enjoyed this photo of all of Spike's new turtle family hehehe

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Signed up for Bloglovin' so you can now follow my blog using that as well ^___^
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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hello everyone.
Order statuses have been updated as of Today (they're also frequently updated even when I do not update the front page so please do check out that section if you have ordered something from me recently).

I've been busy working on my wholesale order as well as any other orders that I've received inside (and outside of) Etsy.
I hope you are all enjoying your week! It's almost Friday :D Tomorrow is my boyfriend's birthday :) I've been trying to learn how to bake cookies to give to him as a present. Yesterday was my first time making cookies from scratch. I think I rolled the dough out to thin and I put them on the tray a little too close together so they ended up spreading out a lot! My poor deformed cookies! Today I'm having another go at it, and hopefully they will turn out better. At least the batch that I made last night tasted yummy! But I wish that they looked pretty too.. hehe. Hopefully I'll have some photos posted on here a bit later.

I've been going through my Etsy shop trying to fix up all of the listings to make them more uniform.
I've also decided that I'll add the option to buy hard copies of my stationary letter note sets, for anyone who is interested.

I'm thinking about posting some photos up later when I have time, of the wholesale order that I'm working on. I've got most of their bodies knitted up... they just need to be stuffed and have the rest of their ears and arms and feet made. I feel like I am making good progress, but I could have finished a lot more this week if it wasn't so busy around here! haha. Sometimes I could really use more hours in the day~

Yesterday I went out with my dad to the supermarket to buy groceries. On our walk back home, we were graced with the presence of a beautiful falcon! He swooped down and landed on the light post, to take a rest I assume, after such a long flight! I was kicking myself for not having my camera with me that day as that was the first time I've seen a falcon in the city (not including at the zoo)! He was just absolutely beautiful! I kept waving to him (I'm assuming that it's a him) and saying 'hi' hehe.

As I sit here writing this, I'm waiting for my lunch to finish cooking. I'm having a late lunch (considering it's already past 4pm) again, but it's going to be yummy so I'm looking forward to it!

Keep checking back for updates! and have a great day!