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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I got 3rd prize!

I recently participated in a giveaway at TheHouseofMouse's blog Life Craftiness and Everything Else. Although I didn't get first or second prize (which is for her super cute felt mice), I did manage to get 3rd place and win a couple of buttons featuring her toy mice dressed up as starwars characters! LOL.... super cool! I will add them to my button collection ^^

I am currently participating in another giveaway, this time at Kokopinto, to win one of her stationaries that feature playdoh critters that she has made! They are totally adorable, and she's so talented! Who knew playdoh could look that cute! You should check out her blog for more information about how you can participate ^_______^ She's having a couple of draws over the next few weeks! But the cool thing is, even if you don't win her grand prize, you will still get a bookmark ^^ lol.

Most likely I will participate in TheHouseofMouse's next giveaway! Going to keep trying until I can win a mousy ^_____^ HEhehE

EDIT: Joined another giveaway! :D ***
Natalie is having another giveaway at her blog, where the winner will receive the three prints that are posted on the blog from The photos are SO beautiful! I wish I was that talented~ I'd love to win these photos! You should definitely check out both the blog and the etsy shop for more photography goodness ^^

On a side note, I mailed out some orders today ^_____^ And I am currently working on a new toy, which I hope to have posted soon. I had ordered a new crochet hook, but it hasn't arrived yet, so I'm using my old one which is a bit smaller in size -______- but I hope it will turn out okay!

Also I will not be home over the weekend (July 4 and 5) as I am leaving the city, and going on a mini road trip with my friends! We are going to Wasaga Beach, which is about 2 hours away from Toronto, and we are also Camping over night at a nearby campsite ^^ Looking forward to going to Wasaga as it will be my first time there, but also looking forward to camping (even though it is just over night). It's like our tradition to go camping at least once each year! HAha, I need to go look for a sleeping pad to sleep on, because bring my air mat wouldn't be that convenient for just a one night stay -_________- Already bought my travel sized toothpaste and body wash LOL~ Thinking of what food to make for our potluck lunch (for when we arrive on saturday). Most likely, Patrick and I will be making Onigiri Rice Balls (But they are going to be in the shape of a triangle and stuffed with bulgogi, or chicken -- yum*) Totally looking forward to the weekend. So any messages you might send me over the weekend, I might reply a bit late lol.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

In New York!

Not sure if I have mentioned this already, but some of my toys will be available in a shop called Sweet Charity! They are located in New York (specifically Brooklyn). For more information about the shop, please check out If you are in the Brooklyn area and happen to see my toys in her shop, let me know ^_____^ As I am in Toronto and so I don't get to see them for myself :(

Still exciting and glad that Jennifer (the shop owner) likes them ^^

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Again and again.

Issues with the internet. Thought they would be fixed on friday, but the guy decided to come in today. So thought it would be fixed today, but he told my dad that he will fix it on Monday because if he tried to fix my internet today then my internet wouldn't work at all during the weekend, and would only start working on monday...and since my internet works some of the time right now, he thought it be best to fix it on monday where the process of fixing it will go much more quicker and smoother. I really hope that it will finally be fixed!

Currently working on some stationary designs, and hopefully a new toy~ :) There's so many things I want to make. I wish I could make them a lot faster~

Hopefully there will be a new update soon on my blog for all to see my new items :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Custom Bears are completed.

Custom bears for Matthew are finished :) Hope they will arrive safely.
Need to package up some polar bears to send out as well to two other people ^_____^ Yay~~ Sold my first set of buttons too :) Happy ^_____^

Custom Bears

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Custom bears.

I'm currently working on a pair of custom bears ^____^ It's a lot of fun! I hope I'll be able to finish the both of them by Thursday so that they'll reach their destination in time! As soon as I finish these bears, I plan on adding new amigurumi/knitted plush animals to my shop! So, do check for updates!

Also, if you are interested in a custom bear, please don't hesitate to contact me! I love custom orders ^^

Friday, June 19, 2009

Early morning sunrise.

Today I've got a special treat for you! Many many photos, including photos of the sunrise I watched this morning, as well as photos of my wholesale order, before I shipped it out ^_____^ If you are in the Brooklyn area in New York, then you may soon see these toys inside a shop called Sweet Charity :) *happy dance* I hope they will arrive there safely :) Also, my crystal clear cellophane-ish baggys arrived today, so my buttons will be listed in my shop soon! (It's about time...I wanted to list the buttons a lot earlier).

Have fun looking at the photos below~ ^^

Heart in the sky
^ If you look closely you can see a heart in the sky ^_________^
Sunrise 2
Sunrise 3

9 Kai's
2 Molly's
small momo bear
2 small momo bears
all together
all together

I really had a fun, but challenging time with my first wholesale order. Not sure if I will do another one any time soon, as it required a lot more time than I had originally anticipated. There were some nights when I stayed up really late in order to complete it. Balancing wholesale with regular orders was pretty difficult, but in the end I think it was all worth it :)

In total, there were 9 owls (named Kai), 2 baby sheep/lambs (named Molly), and 2 small momo bears. The tags were folded into a little booklet (but i forgot to take a photo of the 'booklet'...maybe in the future I will make an example one and post it on here. I think that will be my standard way of making 'tags' now for my toys. All my tags were printed on 100% recycled sketch book paper, which is acid free. It has a cool texture to it :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My new obsession.

Okay, so I stumbled upon this twitter page first, and then onto the etsy shop. I am IN LOVE with magicbeanbuyer's etsy shop! those kittys are just TOO adorable, and I am such a softy for the kittys! I am so snatching one up ASAP! not sure if I can post a photo of their stuff without their permission onto my blog, so for now, just check out the link that is posted above ^^

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another 'wicked' giveaway.

Another wicked giveaway, this time for a camera bag by WickedStitchDesigns. Her camera bags are super awesome, as you get to customize the fabric and colour choice of the bag! She also has so many different varieties of bags to fit your 'camera taking' needs, it's really hard to choose! So if you're looking for a great camera bag, you've just got to check out this cool contest! The giveaway ends 12AM Thursday night! So you better hurry and enter to win a free camera bag of your choice!

The contest is being held on Please go to the following link for details about the contest and how to enter:

Monday, June 15, 2009

Grande mister wooly.

This is mister wooly version grande (haha). He is 13" tall, and around 8" wide, with a great big belly. (My original mister wooly is 10" tall). He "moved out" today to Luisa's house, and I hope he will arrive in time for her son's birthday celebration :) I will miss this bear. He is just super adorable! Hope to make another one soon :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

On sale.

Some things on sale:

^ was $24 USD, is now $20 for the pair

^ was $18 USD, is now $15

Please also don't forget to check out my new stationary and amigurumi polar bear. For more information on them, please scroll down to the previous two posts :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Adventures of tweet tweet panda.

New Stationary! (Will be listed very very soon!) is now listed!
Featuring the adventures of Tweet Tweet Panda! Yay!
There are four different designs, but the designs are more complicated than my other stationaries. The first has tweet tweet panda walking home. The second, has him in his room eating lunch. The third features tweet tweet panda sleeping in his room, and the fourth features tweet tweet panda in 4 different poses. Oh what fun, and how adorable! The stationary looks awesome when printed out! And of course, it will be available as a PDF download (after all, it is DIY).

Hope you all will enjoy Tweet Tweet Panda on his silly adventures. More to come soon :)
(btw, this is my most favourite design that I've done so far)~

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Edward the polar bear.

New amigurumi polar bear now listed. His name is Edward and he is a mister polar bear :)

Edward lives in a place full of snow, but where flowers still grow. He like's to go to fishing holes, and wait for the fish to visit him. He does not eat the fish, however, because they are his friends. He prefers to eat the flowers that sprout around him.

Sorry for the delay in listing it. Been super busy. Will be listing buttons soon, as well as some other stuff :) Look forward to that!

June 2009 Convocation!

Graduated today from the University of Toronto. Woohoo! It was a good day, although, my feet have seen much better days. I don't know what happened, but my feet must have grown over the last year, since they barely fit inside my shoes, and were painfully squashed during the entire ceremony! Oh how painful, it was so bad, I just can't describe how much they were hurting. They are bandaged up right now lol. But whenever I could, I took off my shoes and walked out on the grass after the ceremony was finished (walking on grass barefoot was SO refreshing!). Also, I headed over to the mall right after and bought shoes so that I could switch out of my heels (my poor feet). Sad thing is, these heels were very comfortable when I bought them last year -- I was literally running around and jumping up and down in them (that's how comfortable they USED to be). Never knew my feet were still growing. I'm so sad (and literally in pain) :( sniffos.

Anywho, wish I knew more people during my convocation ceremony, but I only saw 2 people that I actually knew, and they were sitting far from me since we were in alphabetical order lol. Did manage to see Lisa though as she was making her way to her ceremony (as well as right before her ceremony started lol). But wish I graduated with more people that I knew. Grr you jason for not showing up! LoL at least I would have had someone to talk to (so lonely!). At least my family was there, along with my boyfriend ^_____^

But yeah, anyways, some photos! Will be posted shortly lol.
^ thinking about how sore my feet are, and not wanting to stand to take any more photos HAha~
^ me with diploma
^ forced smile + super DUPER sore feet :'(
^ my friend lisa and I (just after my convocation ceremony ended, and right before hers begun)
will post more later...maybe

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Work in progress (a BIG mister wooly bear)

Currently working on a second order from Luisa, this time a big brown bear for her son. I am almost finished working on its body, the all it'll need are his ears, arms, legs, and lastly his face (those are the easier parts). He's quite big if i do say so myself. I want to make one for myself now too LoL, what a lucky son~ I hope it will get to Luisa's house in time for her son's birthday :)

Grad tomorrow. YAY!
(P.s. if you are reading this... HI JANET! ^^ lol I told you I'd write that on here :P When you set up your blog, send me the link ^^)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Some new things.

Last night, while my internet wasn't working, I was able to design 2 new toys. One is a bear, one is a cat. The bear's name is keiko, and the cat's name is yugihara. I also designed a Monkey named zuzu (but I still want to edit his design around a bit. Only sketched them out in my sketch book, but I hope to produce them soon in knitted form :) Oh what fun! and so excited. I want to post my new stationary and other stuff that I still have to do, but it really depends on how long my internet will stay working :) Let's just hope it doesn't run into any more trouble :(

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My mini 'vacation'.

Took a break away from the busy city, and went to Center Island today (Friday... although this post is written saturday morning lol). It was such a nice day there, and I haven't gone there in ages. It was also good to have a much needed relaxing break. Had fun taking lots of photos :)

In bloom
Mister ducky looking kinda sad
Quack quack~
Marching ducks
Lone salior
on the island

Friday, June 5, 2009


My cute and curious pandas were featured on the blog "For the love of cute" today! How exciting :D And because of that I now have more followers on twitter. Horray~ lol Thanks Anna :)

If you'd like to purchase the pandas, please visit my etsy page here.
If you'd like one instead of 2, please either comment on this post, or message me on etsy, and I'll let you know how much it costs.

New stationary in the making + some other things.

I have a new stationary design coming soon! It will hopefully be up by tomorrow night. It features Tweet Tweet Panda on an adventure with his little birdy friend Tweet Tweet of course.

Also, I will be listing an amigurumi polar bear very soon (I have been super busy and haven't had time to photograph and post it on etsy. But hopefully That will be up by tomorrow night.

Still working on making/finishing up a bajillion owls named Kai (as part of my whole sale order). Soon you may see some of my animals (well just Kai, Molly, and my small momo bears) in a small shop in New York :) More details about that will come as I get closer to finishing. Sometimes I wish there were more hours in a day.

Orders may be delayed by a couple of days because I am preparing for Grad and so I won't have as much time as I would like to work on everything. But if you do place an order I promise to have it out to you within a timely manner.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kuma and owls.

So yesterday and today, I've been trying to work on Kuma (the King Polar Bear)... so far I guess it looks alright, but it isn't completely finished. He still needs some arms and feet (but I need to go out and buy more yarn. Also, the top of his head isn't as round as I would have liked it to be, so I will have to alter my pattern a little. Currently working on some baby owls (many Kai's). The yarn I'm using for these smaller ones, is different compared to the original one I had used before (because that one is harder to find, and only comes in a small ball). The strange thing about this alternative yarn, is that although the colours are similar to the original one, the 'pattern' on the yarn knits up differently each time.... strange.. I will hopefully post some photos later, but it's really late to do that right now and I have to sleep soon, since I've got to wake up super early in the morning (possibly around 7am) so that I can drop by school around 9:30am to see if I can get one extra grad ticket. Graduation ceremony is next wednesday! Yay~ Can't wait to graduate~~~ ^___^ And can't wait to finish this order so that I can get working on some newer stuff ^^

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sweet comments.

I just received one of the nicest 'thank you' messages the other day from one of my customers:

Hi Sherry!
We really loved both kai & Wilfred! kai's colour is very nice and I like the size too! I thought Wilfred would be perfect for a toothfairy pillow, I know now that he is. I think it is his calling, he even has a toothy shape about him! I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with this entire shopping experience. Your creations are wonderful, they are so cute it warms the heart. Keep on creating these cute little oddballs. Thank you for everything. You will hear again from me very soon. (I have my eye on that sweet little bear!)
All the best,

It was such a nice treat to read this message in my email/convo on etsy. I felt so happy reading it.
Ever since joining etsy as a buyer, and then taking the plunge as a seller, I've met some pretty great and supportive people.

Wynn @ - helped me when I was just beginning my shop, and has continued to be super encouraging~
Julie @ - has been so supportive in my designing stationary, and continues to be my #1 customer! lol ^^
Luisa @ - such a wonderful sweet customer. I was super happy creating her order, and was thrilled when I read the above 'thank you' message.
Candace @ she's got an awesome shop AND she was my very first customer! still jealous how my bears got to travel and LIVE in hawaii before I got to :P

So to you, and to everyone else who has purchased from my shop and/or favourited my shop or any of my items, thank you :)


Below is a photo of Wilfred and Kai before they moved to Luisa's house ^^ I'd love to see photos of them in their new home :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

For The Love of Cute.

There is an awesome contest giveaway going on at For The Love of Cute! For the month of june (and I think each month after), The store owner of Etsy Shop "The House of Mouse" is giving away some of her mice to a few lucky people! You've definitely gotta check out both The House of Mouse and For The Love of Cute :D

NEW! Tweet Tweet Panda Stationary (PDF Download) Now Available :)

My new Tweet Tweet Panda DIY Stationary is now available in my Etsy Shop! Yay~

^ more photos are posted in my shop for this listing~

Short description of Tweet Tweet Panda:
Tweet Tweet Panda is actually Kuma the King Polar Bear in disguise! But shh~ he doesn't want you to know that. Ever since Kuma met the cute pandas (Kun-kun and Pan-pan), he has wanted to look just like them. So, he has come up with a panda bear disguise in order to look like a cute panda bear. Is it working? When Kuma is dressed up as Tweet Tweet Panda, he is always accompanied by his cute little yellow bird friend. He has decided to name the bird "Tweet Tweet" because it likes to sing many songs while resting on Kuma's head. Also, because he likes his birdy friend so much, Kuma has decided that when he dresses up as a panda, people should call him Tweet Tweet Panda~

Creative Commons License
Tweet Tweet Panda DIY Stationary Letter Note Set by Sherry-Anne Golondrina is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Canada License.