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Saturday, May 30, 2009

King polar bear stationary.

NEW: King Polar Bear Stationary (Coming really soon) (Updated below). My camera battery died. and my Internet is pretty unreliable right now. SO as soon as my battery recharges a bit, I will be able to transfer the pictures from my camera onto my laptop :) So, look forward to that :) It's got 10 colourful pages :D YAY~

Pics posted down below. Listing is now up in my Etsy Shop :)


Creative Commons License
Kuma the King Polar Bear DIY Stationary Letter Note Set by Sherry-Anne Golondrina is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Canada License.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Stationary bears.

New stationary listed on my page. It is another version of my carrot bunny. Can't get enough of him. Miku is super cool! lol.
To see the listing follow this link here [click].

Also, here are some photos :)

5 momo bears sitting in a row
^ 5 momo bears sitting in a row
^ NEW carrot bunny stationary


Creative Commons License
CarrotBun DIY Stationary Letter Note Set by Sherry-Anne Golondrina is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Canada License.

Internet issues.

Okay. So I'm having really bad luck with my internet right now. It'll work.. then it'll stop working. Right now it is working, but I'm not sure for how long as it's been really unreliable lately. So if you are trying to contact me, and I do not reply right away, that might be the reason. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this is causing anyone else (other than myself lol).

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sneak preview.

Buttons Buttons Buttons! They've arrived~ So exciting! Thanks to Ms. awesome Ali of Totally love how they turned out :) It was so fun working with you~ Thanks so much! These buttons will soon be listed on my etsy page (assuming my internet doesn't die again). So far, it has disconnected on me 5 times tonight... ='( So, trying to quickly post some button photos before it disconnects again... oh the rush~

Carrot Bunny Pin-back buttons
Panda and King Polar Bear

Internet trouble.

Been having issues with my Internet connection. If it works well later on today I will post up some new pictures. Almost finished with the stationary :) Just need to fix a few things and it will hopefully be up later tonight (assuming my Internet doesn't disconnect every two minutes).

Feeling a little sad that my buttons and tags haven't arrived in the mail yet. I hope it will be there in the morning *crosses fingers*

On a side note, I stay up way to late writing a blog entry from my bed after making sure that my little hamster is doing okay~ Good night everyone (or good morning to those of you who will be waking up soon for work).

Monday, May 25, 2009

Baby sheep and stationary.

Currently working on the 2 sheep that I need to make as part of my wholesale order, as well as some new downloadable stationary~ The stationary should be posted up soon :) I finished making Kai for part of Luisa's order :) I will hopefully ship out your Kai and your Whutsit soon this week after I receive my tag/labels that I need to sew onto them. I hope your daughter will enjoy the both of them :)

( I will post pictures up soon )


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Momo bear accessory.

Just some photos of a completed custom order for one 'small momo bear' as a 'bag charm accessory'. Although it is small, and you would think it is easy to make, it was pretty challenging, especially trying to get it to look just like my 'small momo bear' (sold separately in my shop). This one is going out to Karen :) I hope you will enjoy your new friend~ (For other people, if you'd like one for yourself, please send me a convo (or comment on this blog post) and I'll gladly make one for you~ Convo/comment/email me for more details~


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Photo entries.

As my various animal characters venture out to new places, I get really curious to see how they are doing. So for anyone who has bought one of my toys (and is reading this blog), I'd love to see photos of my characters in their new environment. Please send your photos to with the subject "Photos for your blog" and I will happily post them up here on the blog ^_______^

Owls and momo bears.

Currently I am making a giant owl for one of my orders. Okay, so it's not really a giant, BUT it will be a lot bigger than my original one. Also, my army of momo bears is almost complete. They are just missing arms so when I finish that I will post a photo up here for all to see... ^^

I'm currently having some internet issues, so any messages or email that you might send me.. I may not be able to read right away, as my internet likes to spontaneously disconnect -________- ...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A little fun.

Hmm, just for fun... I thought I'd give 10% off any of my listed items in my etsy store. SO, if you happened to stumble upon my blog after finding the link on my Etsy page, let me know! Enter the sale code "y0o blog 10" in the message to seller box during checkout, and I will refund you 10% of the listed price of the item that you order. I will keep this message up for about 1 month and see if someone will actually read it. (Unfortunately this does not apply to past orders. Only new orders, starting today until June 20, 2009, will qualify).

Here's hoping that someone does visit the newly established blog :)

Horray for secret sales!~

Great start.

What a wonderful start to my morning. I just got 1 more (reserved) order. This time for one owl that is twice the size of my original owl, as well as my first order for one of my Whutsits named Wilfred! I'm so very excited :) I just cannot wait to get started! I've got a long day ahead of me. Need to go to the yarn store to pick up some yarn to make a total of 10 owls, and will need to finish the bears today so that I can start on the sheep. Lots of work, but I'm happy and excited :D even though I am a little bit sleepy.

Second day in a row that good news has welcomed me in the morning :)

Just wanted to wish 2 of my friends a happy birthday :)
- Happy birthday Lisa~
- Happy belated birthday Vicky~

*edit x2*
Must help create a new banner for Wynn of zakkaArt ^^ Please do check out her Etsy shop. She makes really wonderful zakka inspired bags, coasters, and pouches :) I especially love her new boxy pouch, and personally own one of her pink hoot hoot MiniDuo pouches :)


A work in progress.

Things I'm currently working on finishing:
- 3 momo bears (about 75% complete)
- 2 sheep named Molly
- 9 owls named Kai
- 1 small momo bear bag accessory (50% complete)
- king polar bear (excited to make this one)
- new stationary with more carrot bunnies and polar bears~
- one panda Wilfred (the Whutsit) and Kai (the owl) (reserved ^^)

Coming soon: buttons BUTTONS buttons featuring my polar bear with a crown (King Polar Bear) and my polar bear disguised as a panda, as well as some of my carrot bunny faces (with different expressions), all ordered from ButtonHead's Etsy Shop. SO excited!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Alright, so I'm pretty much done editing the colours and widgets for this page. I will most likely add more later or edit a bit more later. But y0omii's blog is now officially opened :D Stay tuned for inside information about 'secret sales' on my Etsy Page :D
Currently y0omii's Carrot Bunny No 1. is on sale (10% off regular listed price) for $16 USD :)

I love custom and wholesale orders. Also, for listings that come in a pair, if you want just one, please let me know and I will give you a quote for how much it'll cost (usually it's just half the price of the listed pair).

All of my characters from y0omii are lovingly handmade, come with care instructions, and are gift wrapped.
And yes, I do ship internationally :)

Comments and questions are always welcome~

Coming soon.

Currently editing the look of this page. Hopefully I will have it up and running soon. For now, please check out my Etsy page (, and follow me on Twitter ( Please do note that "y0omii" is spelt "y [zero] o m i i" but is read as "yoomii". My original username/shop name on etsy was spelt using a [zero] and I've decided to stick with that on my Twitter and Blogger page in order to stay consistent and avoid any additional confusion :)